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BO and PP comics

No it's not body odor and uh pp. It's that sneaky guy who weaves a
web, and hides his identity, along with Spiderman.
I was really looking for the issue with Nancy Pelosi as the Joker.

Jäger-Star ManNav

New Service!
JägerTek a subsidary of eMobile services now offers over the phone
navigation for men.
For just $899.00/yr you can feel confident when driving. Don't worry
about maps or even GPS. ManNav will guide you discretely to your
location using code words so the "Mrs's" never knows. You can even
select your own ManNav theme using ManTalk. Business, Sports, or just
taking about that "golf game" will get you to where you are going. Be
confident be a man again!

Change happens

There's a whole chapter on teleprompters.

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Tiger gives Obama tips

Should this be Golf Digest or Playboy. Tip #1 - erase all voicemails.
#2 - hide your golf clubs
#3 - keep getaway car cranked
#4 - watch out for tree in neighbors yard.
#5 - keep on're pretty good at it!