Friday, December 18, 2009

Cross the Line

In the dark of night Jager sneaks in to Vermont.

What's your 20 Jager?

Truck stop Travel Center Waterbury CT good buddy.


See through the eyes of Sir Jager
I 81 PA

My Bedroom

Yes my wife has gone overboard with Farmville

Santa's List

Tiger Woods?

Mouth Cam

Jäger mouthcam

Jäger American Journal

Jäger traveling among the farmland of America.

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Today's episodes of The Chronicles of Jager is brought to you by
Gorilla Munch not to be confused with Sasquatch Munch.
Hazelton PA

Jäger American Journal

A wreck on I-81 in Penn takes us on a detour through Cow country.

Sorry Maryland

So much excitement I missed Maryland. Must have been that Ferrari
following us.


eMobile captures bustling of activity inside the JagerWagon.

Another notch on the wagon

What's that song? I left my heart in West Virginia... Uh maybe not.
Didn't Bama conquer this state too?

Jäger's Travel Tip

Always pack your coffee maker in styrofoam when traveling.
Sponsored by Chick-fil-a travel bags

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Now you can beat Tiger

New for Wii! Now you can beat Tiger Woods, literally. Pick your club
and try to get Tiger before he gets away in his escalade. New Bonus
features let you blackmail Tiger for millions of dollars.

Thursday, December 10, 2009